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Swing Set Frequently Asked Questions

Create a lifetime of memories in your own backyard.

Does my yard have to be perfectly flat?

No. Some of our sets have ways to level them around your yard, even if your yard doesn’t look like the ones in the catalog. If the slope is minor, for a small charge we can dig in the high side of the unit a little to make your play deck level. We can scissor the A-Frame legs a little closer together to raise the end of the beam if need be. Sometimes for greater slopes, the Castle design may be a better option. With this design, you may just need to get a longer rock wall than normally would come with the set, or you may need a longer A-Frame leg. Plenty of options are available, so please ask!

Of course, safety is our number one priority. We will not install a swing set if it is not safe. This does not mean a leaning swing set is unsafe. Although important, the cosmetics of a swing set does take priority of the install. If you want your swing set to be 100% level, you may need to consult a professional landscaper. We do offer yard surveys, so please discuss with a swing set professional while visiting our store to determine if a free yard survey is needed!

Once I order, how do I find out when it will be installed?

Your install will be scheduled the day your order is placed. Installations usually take 2-4 hours. Turnaround time from the date of order to date of installation will vary depending on the time of year. We do install year-round and there is no bad time to play outside! The weather does not effect the swing set (installing in the summer has no advantage over the winter in regards to adding more wear to your swing set!). We can hold the unit longer if you are not ready for installation.

What if the set I want is a little too big for my space?

There are a number of different ways to take the set you like, and reconfigure it a little to make it fit safely in your area. Swing Beams can easily be shortened to save space. Slides and Ladders can often be run in a different direction then pictured to work around the obstacles in your yard. Our installers are pros and will be happy to talk to you about the best placement options once they are in your yard, prior to building. Rest assured that if the set we bring cannot safely be installed, your deposit may be used on a more space appropriate playset.

What if the set I want is slightly outside my budget?

We understand that this is an investment, you want it to last for a long time, and that matching value with cost is important. The great thing with a Rainbow Swing Set is that almost all systems are modular. On any given swing set pictured online or in the catalog there could be dozens of changes made to lower the price WITHOUT taking away fun play features. A few examples are: swapping slides, changing out or removing swings, removing extended bubbles for regular rail panels, using a straight slide in place of a spiral slide, or maybe going with a heavy, durable 18 oz. canopy instead of a wood roof. There are many more options you can change, please ask!

If you like a design online or in the catalog, but done want or need all the options shown, we can make changes! Often times, these changes can save you hundreds, maybe thousands, and remember, you can always add to your Rainbow down the road! Please ask!

What if my HOA declines me?

Being that our sets are not permanently concreted in, home owners associations generally do not decline them. We can also schedule your installation to allow enough time for your HOA to give you approval, so you do not need to wait for them to purchase your swingset.

Are your swing sets adult-friendly?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t dare sell a set that the people who pay for it can’t have fun on too!

Can you remove an existing swing set to make room for a new one?

Yes, we can remove your existing one for a fee. If your current one is concreted in, it will be removed at ground level. For an estimate, please email a picture of your current swing set to info@backyardplayworld.com.

Can I add on to your swing sets later?

Yes! Our swingsets are modular so you can add Monkey Bars, Firepoles, etc. as they become age appropriate. The backyard swing sets labeled Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster, or King Kong offer the most expand-ability.

Is a rubber mulch pit necessary for a backyard playset?

Rubber mulch is absolutely not required. A Rubber Mulch Pit does help ensure that your play area is as safe as possible in the event of a fall and also makes it very easy to mow around. However, do not feel as though you cannot get a swingset without a rubber mulch pit. The majority of our backyard swingsets are installed right on the grass. If you would like a rubber mulch pit, we can create a custom estimate based of the swing set you pick out!

I think I am outside your local delivery area. Will you still deliver to me?

Yes! Our local delivery are is 40 miles from our show floor. If you live outside of our local area, we charge a minimal travel charge. Please ask a swing set professional at our store when you are picking out your swing set for a quote!

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