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Basketball Goal Frequently Asked Questions

Create a lifetime of memories in your own backyard.

Once I order, how do I find out when it will be installed?

Once an order is placed, your install will be scheduled that day! Turnaround time from the date of the order to the date of installation will vary depending on the time of the year, please ask a hoop professional at our store for our current turnaround time when picking out your goal!

How does installation work?

First, we contact Nebraska or Iowa’s Diggers Hotline to mark the area for underground wires. Please note that they will not mark invisible fences or underground sprinkler or lighting systems. Please make our installers aware of items like that upon installation. Backyard Playworld is not responsible for damage to any items not marked by Nebraska or Iowa’s Diggers Hotline.

Once your property has been marked, we will come and install your anchor system. We do not remove the spoilage (dirt removed for anchor system) but we can place it neatly around a tree-line in your yard. If you have no good place for it, you can leave the installers with lawn and garden bags. They can use those, for a nice, neat, hassle free job. Once the anchor system has had 3-7 days to properly set, we will come back and assemble your goal and attach it to the anchor system.

Can you install through concrete, asphalt etc?

Yes, The standard installation is beside the driveway through earth, soil, turf, etc. Installation through concrete/asphalt is available for an additional fee.

Is it best to place the pole so the backboard is flush with the driveway?

No. A lot of the action happens when you are fighting for that rebound under the rim. The best placement for the pole is as close to the driveway/playing area as possible. This way, can utilize as much of the overhang (distance from pole to backboard) as you can. NCAA uses a 4′ extension from the backboard to the end of the court as shown below. The image above of “standard install” shows where we usually install the goals in relation to the grass.

Why are there so many basketball goal options and brands?

At first, it can be overwhelming; however, that is what we are here for! The most important things that will help determine what type of goal is best for you are: age of users, competitiveness of users, location of goal, and individual needs. Come to us with answers to these questions, and we will find the perfect goal for your next basketball All-Star!

What size is regulation?

A regulation backboard is 72”W x 42”H. The regulation height is 10′ which all of our goals will go up to.

We have a wide selection of goals, ranging from 54″ wide all the way to regulation, and certain goals adjust all the way down to 6′ for the youngsters!

Can my goal move if I move?

Yes. The only thing permanent about our goals is the anchor system. Should you move, you are able to take your goal and buy a new anchor system for your new house. For a moving estimate, please email us at info@backyardplayworld.com.

Do you install basketball goals year round?

No, once the ground freezes, we will no longer be able safely install. However, we have been able to install goals all the way up until Christmas in past years, so make sure you ask! We will resume installs in the spring as soon as Mother Nature cooperates!

I think I am outside your local delivery area. Will you still deliver and install to me?

Yes! Our local delivery and install are for basketball goals is 20 miles from our show floor. If you live outside of our local area, we charge a minimal travel charge. Please ask a basketball goal professional at our store when you are picking out your swing set for a quote!

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